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What is it?

The Nelivia Raid Tool can be used to create strategy maps for World of Warcraft raid bosses/encounters.
To do this, it offers placable icons, coloured areas, directional arrows and text boxes. When you've placed what you'd like on the boss room map, it can be exported as an image or saved as a Map Code which can be loaded back in later.



Select a raid and a boss to get started.
Available icons, as well as the back and clear buttons, can be found by hovering your cursor over the area to the left of the app.
Click on an icon to select it, your cursor will change to indicate which icon you've chosen, then click again on the map to place it.
To the right you'll find the following buttons:
Colour Palette - Used to select which colour you'd like the interior of a rectangle and circle to be.
Square - Click and drag the area on the map. Right-click around the centre of the square/rectangle to delete it.
Circle - Click to define the center of the circle, drag your cursor away to define the radius. Right-click around the centre of the circle to delete it.
Arrow - Click and drag arrows, the arrow will point to the area your cursor ends. Right-click the tip of the arrow to delete it.
Text Box - Click to attach a text entry box to your cursor. When you've typed what you'd like, click on the map to place it. Right-click in the top left of a placed text box to delete it.

Once you've finished with your map, click the camera button to export it as an image.
If you want to save the map for later; click the disk icon to view the Map Code, double click the Map Code to select it all and use the keyboard shortcut CTRL(Win)/CMD(Mac) + C to copy it to the clipboard.
When you want to load a previously saved map, click the folder icon and CTRL/CMD + V a Map Code into the empty text box. When you click OK, if the code is valid, you will be taken to the created map - ready for you to edit further.


Who made it?

My character name is Drante and I'm currently an officer in the guild Nelivia on Draenor-EU.


Version / Changelog:

[1.1.0] - 2019-01-11 - Maps added for 'Battle for Dazar'Alor'. Buttons and bosses added for 'Crucible of Storms', the actual maps will be added at a later time, placeholders used for now. All credit to for the current artwork being used for those placeholders.

[1.0.5] - 2018-09-01 - Added a border around the central map image, to visually separate it from the map texture of the background. Also fixed the layering of colours when overlapping cirlces/squares, I've not extensively tested it, but shapes should always appear behind any icons that are placed - at least up to something like 100 icons.

[1.0.2] - 2018-08-07 - Fixed a minor bug that was allowing circles and squares to be drawn after a clear or changing maps without having the appropriate button toggled on.

[1.0.1] - 2018-08-04 - Added the Rectangle and Circle, allowing you to mark areas of the boss area. Thank you Lynzyy for the suggestion.

[1.0.0] - 2018-07-10 - The version released to the public. Includes the final raid of Legion and the first raid of BfA - Uldir.